Tuesday, August 11, 2009


A petition signed by 350 people was presented to Parramatta City Council condeming Integral Energy's plans to build a substation in Elizabeth Street, Granville.

"The local neighbourhood were very vocal at a recent protest meeting and called upon the Minister for energy to reverse his decision to build the substation in EliZabeth Street", Garrard said.

"While the State Member, Daid Borger said that he would oppose the government on this issue, more recent comment distributed within the electorate would seem as though he actually sees the development as a 'plus' for the local area', said Councillor Garrard.

Local activist, Neil Harbridge said, "The planning process bypasses the local council planning process".

At the Council Meeting, councillors concluded that there had not been proper public consultation, and that the Council's planning department could have chosen a more appropriate location.

Local residents are now seeking a meeting with the Minister.

Monday, August 10, 2009


The Minister for Transport, Mr David Campbell has failed to give the people of Parramatta equality with those of other regional centres. While the eastern suburbs of Sydney enjoy a smorgasbord for travel options, the 'Capital of Western Sydney' simply suffers.

Further more, Newcastle and Woollongong have been given a free transport system but Parramatta is made 'pay its own way'. Parramatta residents have spent $2.5 million to introduce the 'Loop' bus but the State Government continues to deglect its Labor homeland.

Councillor Garrard believes that this is the price which Parramatta residents pay after believing David Borger as Mayor and then compared to his ability not to deliver, when he got elected to Parliament.

"Buses services are already under attack in Holroyd and South Granville, yet the State Government adopts an approach to make the less well off in our community suffer".


In what must be regarded as an unprecedented action upon 'neighbourhood living', the State Labor Government has by-passed Parramatta City Council and sought to have objectionable developments introduced into Elizabeth Street, Granville (power sub-station) and 4 other housing sites in South Granville.

Residents have failed to capture the attention of State Member Borger, who is also the Housing Minister, as he refuses to address residents on the issue of unwanted medium density development.

The Parramatta Advertiser reports, "I won't indulge in a slanging match with Cr Paul Garrard.... and I also want to spend Saturday morning with my two-year-old daughter", Borger said.

"The residents of this area will not be over-riden by a State Member who just does not know his area", said Councillor Garrard.

Developments in Markey Street and Sheahan / Kirk Avenues are the point of debate, where the State Government is using the powers under its 'Infrastructure Legislation' to bully local communities.

Monday, April 20, 2009


In what must be regarded as one of the meanest acts ever, by the NSW Government, at least 30 families have had their home ear-marked for demolition by the Department of Housing.

This cruel event became a reality recent when department tenants in Brussels, Laverack, Byrnes and Dixmude Streets were advised by the Department of Housing that they wanted to redevelop those sites with townhouses.

In a draft submission to the Department of Planning, Parramatta City recently determined that town houses would not be permissible on these sites, but the Housing Department are 'hell-bent' on over-riding the wishes of local residents.

" At a time when Governments should be showing sympathy and concern for struggling families during hard economic times, the NSW Department of Housing, lead by Minister David Borger, simply turn their backs on working class families in South Granville" said Councillor Garrrard.


After a period of unprecedented leniency in recent years towards brothel control and any sort of reasonable monitoring procedures, Parramatta City Council has established an impressive bench mark in addressing the sex industry behaviour within the local community.

Tainted by the ICAC inquiry into Wade Fryar, a former Council employee and his association with various brothels in return for sexual favours and cash, Parramatta Council now leads the way in addressing the Sex industry and continues to set new benchmarks for local government.

"In this term of Council, not one new brothel or massage parlor has been given approval, which is in quite stark contrast to the previous four years," Councillor Garrard said.

The record shows that there probably 50 sex premises within the Parramatta LGA. In recent times there has been a proliferation of oriental and therapeutic massage and treatment establishments in areas like Clyde, Granville and Toongabbie, providing sex services.

"In the last 3 months approximately $30,000 in fines have been issued against sex premises for breaches, together with orders demanding conformity with various consents".

With the creation of a new Council position, Council's Strategic Crime and Corruption Officer, a person is now responsible for the auditing and monitoring of the sex industry's behaviour. This position has highlighted the very 'cashed up' style of business which brothels represent, together with the litany of criminal activity such as sex slavery, illegal immigration, social welfare fraud, under age prostitution and drugs.

"Clearly our joint agency approach with Police, Custom Officials, Immigration and Centrelink has worked", said Councillor Garrard.

Recently other local government entities have approach Parramatta Council so as to better address their Council areas and reflect the model approach taken in Parramatta.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Parramatta needs a 'Neghbourhoods Policy'. Woodville Independents believe that neighbourhoods help communities to have a greater say over what happens. Councils need to play a major role in facilitating action between all levels of government in order to address community needs.

Neighbourhood activity can have a positive impact on issues such as education, health, transport and crime. Policy-makers needs to take this conection more seriously.

In Parramatta we need to do things differently to achieve better community outcomes.