Monday, August 10, 2009


The Minister for Transport, Mr David Campbell has failed to give the people of Parramatta equality with those of other regional centres. While the eastern suburbs of Sydney enjoy a smorgasbord for travel options, the 'Capital of Western Sydney' simply suffers.

Further more, Newcastle and Woollongong have been given a free transport system but Parramatta is made 'pay its own way'. Parramatta residents have spent $2.5 million to introduce the 'Loop' bus but the State Government continues to deglect its Labor homeland.

Councillor Garrard believes that this is the price which Parramatta residents pay after believing David Borger as Mayor and then compared to his ability not to deliver, when he got elected to Parliament.

"Buses services are already under attack in Holroyd and South Granville, yet the State Government adopts an approach to make the less well off in our community suffer".

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