Monday, August 10, 2009


In what must be regarded as an unprecedented action upon 'neighbourhood living', the State Labor Government has by-passed Parramatta City Council and sought to have objectionable developments introduced into Elizabeth Street, Granville (power sub-station) and 4 other housing sites in South Granville.

Residents have failed to capture the attention of State Member Borger, who is also the Housing Minister, as he refuses to address residents on the issue of unwanted medium density development.

The Parramatta Advertiser reports, "I won't indulge in a slanging match with Cr Paul Garrard.... and I also want to spend Saturday morning with my two-year-old daughter", Borger said.

"The residents of this area will not be over-riden by a State Member who just does not know his area", said Councillor Garrard.

Developments in Markey Street and Sheahan / Kirk Avenues are the point of debate, where the State Government is using the powers under its 'Infrastructure Legislation' to bully local communities.

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