Tuesday, August 11, 2009


A petition signed by 350 people was presented to Parramatta City Council condeming Integral Energy's plans to build a substation in Elizabeth Street, Granville.

"The local neighbourhood were very vocal at a recent protest meeting and called upon the Minister for energy to reverse his decision to build the substation in EliZabeth Street", Garrard said.

"While the State Member, Daid Borger said that he would oppose the government on this issue, more recent comment distributed within the electorate would seem as though he actually sees the development as a 'plus' for the local area', said Councillor Garrard.

Local activist, Neil Harbridge said, "The planning process bypasses the local council planning process".

At the Council Meeting, councillors concluded that there had not been proper public consultation, and that the Council's planning department could have chosen a more appropriate location.

Local residents are now seeking a meeting with the Minister.

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