Monday, April 20, 2009


After a period of unprecedented leniency in recent years towards brothel control and any sort of reasonable monitoring procedures, Parramatta City Council has established an impressive bench mark in addressing the sex industry behaviour within the local community.

Tainted by the ICAC inquiry into Wade Fryar, a former Council employee and his association with various brothels in return for sexual favours and cash, Parramatta Council now leads the way in addressing the Sex industry and continues to set new benchmarks for local government.

"In this term of Council, not one new brothel or massage parlor has been given approval, which is in quite stark contrast to the previous four years," Councillor Garrard said.

The record shows that there probably 50 sex premises within the Parramatta LGA. In recent times there has been a proliferation of oriental and therapeutic massage and treatment establishments in areas like Clyde, Granville and Toongabbie, providing sex services.

"In the last 3 months approximately $30,000 in fines have been issued against sex premises for breaches, together with orders demanding conformity with various consents".

With the creation of a new Council position, Council's Strategic Crime and Corruption Officer, a person is now responsible for the auditing and monitoring of the sex industry's behaviour. This position has highlighted the very 'cashed up' style of business which brothels represent, together with the litany of criminal activity such as sex slavery, illegal immigration, social welfare fraud, under age prostitution and drugs.

"Clearly our joint agency approach with Police, Custom Officials, Immigration and Centrelink has worked", said Councillor Garrard.

Recently other local government entities have approach Parramatta Council so as to better address their Council areas and reflect the model approach taken in Parramatta.

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