Monday, April 20, 2009


In what must be regarded as one of the meanest acts ever, by the NSW Government, at least 30 families have had their home ear-marked for demolition by the Department of Housing.

This cruel event became a reality recent when department tenants in Brussels, Laverack, Byrnes and Dixmude Streets were advised by the Department of Housing that they wanted to redevelop those sites with townhouses.

In a draft submission to the Department of Planning, Parramatta City recently determined that town houses would not be permissible on these sites, but the Housing Department are 'hell-bent' on over-riding the wishes of local residents.

" At a time when Governments should be showing sympathy and concern for struggling families during hard economic times, the NSW Department of Housing, lead by Minister David Borger, simply turn their backs on working class families in South Granville" said Councillor Garrrard.

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