Monday, February 2, 2009


Woodville Independents believe that all residents have a right to housing that is affordable, secure and appropriate to their needs. We also recognise the importance of housing outcomes for its community, and that it is reliant on the provision and maintenance of a basic level of infrastructure facilities and services.

As the Woodville Independents' representative on Parramatta City Council, I oppose the indiscriminate increase in housing density without being able to address education, policing, health, transport and general infrastructure such as gas and water.

To this end, there must be a down zoning of the existing South Granville estate through the LEP process presently being put into place. The NSW Government's edict, that the Parramatta LGA must accept an extra 22,000 homes, must not be carried out at the expense of those areas which are already under social and physical stress.

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