Monday, February 2, 2009


The 'Woodville Independent Party' supports a safe and secure environment for its community. We believe that with maximum community input, we can develop a strategic Community Safety Plan that provides direction as to how to address issues such as community safety, and that such a plan should incorporate and reflect a proactive approach by the NSW police. Extra detailed attention needs to be given to frequented sites and places and where necessary, special regulation may need to be introduced to achieve community expectations.

Personally, I express some concern that the development of the new police station at Granville does not address what would seem to be a lack of policing within Guildford.

Sarcastically, one might believe that when the new police station is built, that all policing within the Rosehill Command will be carried out from Granville.

Under no circumstances, will I support any future closure of Ermington Police Station.


  1. I fully support your views on the deficiencies within Policing and the lack of a meaningful local police presence, particuarly within the Rosehill Command. Operational staffing within the Rosehill Command is significantly under strength. Shutting down the Ermington Police Station will remove the only visible Police presence for a large area. Council should be encouraging and facilitating Police to have a greater presence within the Parramatta LGA. To this end, I think Council should take the initiative and partnership with the State Government to provide a Police base within the high crime areas.