Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Yes, neighbourhoods are important. During 2008 - 2009, Woodville Independents have rewarded residents with a certificate of appreciation for helping to keep their neighbourhoods tidy and also for their efforts in celebrating christmas and the festive season.

We believe, that our local neighbourhoods area vital part of every day life. We should strive to have cleaner, safer and greener communities.

The way that a neighbourhood looks, how clean, green and managed, has many knock-on effects. The better its appearance, the more pride people take. It can also have a direct impact on crime, and just as critically, the perception of safety.

Christmas lights and decorations are also a great look and also help to make our neghbourhood, a more liveable place. Though the custom of christmas began in association with the birth of Christ, it has become an Australia custom that has been supported by christians and non-christians alike.

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